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360° Content Marketing Campaign • Case Study

Momtrepreneur Jayme Bella needed a way to introduce her line of 100% organic and non-toxic household products to a demographic eager to use safe products in their homes and on their family and pets. Fish·Eggs designed a marketing package that would show Jayme as a champion for everyday families and a leading voice in a changing marketplace.

Social Media

Working closely with Jayme and her social media team we developed a strategy to use animated gifs and videos to bolster their views and engagement on Instagram & Facebook.

Print & Outdoor Marketing

The shopping habits of Greenerways Organics’ target demographic showed that a more traditional print marketing campaign was a necessary addition to the new media blitz we had developed.

Product Video

Mosquito Free Zone

We had a blast working with Jayme and her extended family as we created the first of many product videos while enjoying a good old-fashioned Saturday BBQ.

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